Politics and Elections

Sample courses for Politics and Elections focus

Please note:
These are an example of the courses that would fulfill this complimentary policy requirement.
We cannot guarantee when or if these courses will be offered.

Political Science

510. Pro-Seminar in American Government and Politics.

511. Research Seminar in American Government and Politics
Sem: Public Opinion & Elections

512. Topics in Government and Politics.


510. Social and Political Movements. (3)
Examination of historical, theoretical and empirical materials on the character and dynamics of social and political movements. Includes consideration of the global context of contemporary social and political movements.

512. Political Sociology. (3)
Examines power, authority, states, and nations within a global and transnational context. Focuses on Latin America and other regions in context of globalization; authoritarian/democratic regimes, political culture, immigration, revolution, and both state and non-governmental actors.

511. Documenting Globalization, Human Rights and Social Change. (3)
The course will focus on human rights issues in the broader sociopolitical context of globalization, and will analyze how social change in relationship to human rights mobilization and contestation occurs.


American Studies

509. Topics in Social Movements.
An interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of social movements, focusing on cultural and social formations of these movements. Topics include: folklore of social movements; labor struggles; peace movements; land conflicts.

Communication and Journalism

569. Media, Culture, and Society. (3)
Focuses on key theoretical debates that have shaped the field of media studies, with emphasis on application to the critique of mediated communication and technological trends and their impact on society, culture, and identity construction. 

Chicana and Chicano Studies

562. Chicana and Chicano Movement: El Movimiento Chicano. (3)
The course examines the Chicana/o Movement beyond the 1960s Civil Rights era, exploring the precursors to the political movement, as well as the legacies of the Chicana/o movement and its effect on society and academia.
560. Chicano Latino Civil Rights. (3)
The seminar examines Chicano Civil Rights by exploring forms of collective social action on behalf of immigration rights/reform, education rights/reform, labor rights, treaty rights, legal justice, environmental justice, veteran's rights, and political representation.