A taste of the Session: MPP Students' Annual Roundhouse Visit

Evaluation Lab News

Posted: Feb 08, 2023 - 12:00am

During a trip to the New Mexico Legislature, MPP students met with policy analysts from the Finance and Education Committees, sat in on a hearing of a bill that would ban spring-time prescribed burns, and visited analysts in the Governor's office.  It was great to see affiliated students and alumni Emily Hoxie (student at LESC), Marit Andrews (alum at LESC), Jessica Hitzman (alum at LFC), Sam Hatch (alum in Governor's office), and Community Advisory Board members Jon Courtney (LFC), Regis Pecos (Legislative Advisor), and Amy Whitfield (Governor's office).

All the students appreciated getting to see the session first-hand and meeting people that do policy work every day. MPP student, Natasha Davalos said: "The trip to Santa Fe helped pull a lot of the materials from all my classes together. Seeing firsthand committee hearings and hearing from the influential people in government was an opportunity I am very grateful to have experienced."