Gabriella Rivera

Photo: Gabriella  Rivera



Gabby graduated from the MPP program in 2021 and works as the Policy and Communications Coordinator for Health Action New Mexico. Gabby is from Albuquerque, NM and received her bachelor’s in international studies from UNM. Gabby chose the MPP because it combined her favorite elements of Political Science and Public Administration and she wanted a program with applied skills with a theoretical grounding. Gabby says that is her love of challenging work, as well as collaborating with a team, problem solving, and working toward a more equitable society that led her to this field. Her best memory of the program is getting to know her classmates. She plans to use her MPP in a variety of policy related fields and maybe eventually land in public sports administration. Gabby would like to thank all the students and professors in the program and from the other departments in which she took classes; her partner, Morgan, for making her many a coffee while she studied; her sisters, Alyssa and Sara, for imparting their knowledge and lending a hand whenever it was needed; her mom for providing stability, strength, and support always; and her dad for inspiring her love for Political Science, Public Administration, and Public Policy, and for teaching her how to use these fields to put good into the world.

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