Darlene Castillo

Photo: Darlene Castillo

Current Student


Darlene has lived in New Mexico for nearly 20 years; she grew up in Durango, Mexico and Socorro, NM before moving to Albuquerque. In 2017, she graduated from UNM with a BA in Chemistry and BS in Psychology. Darlene is a Research Scientist at UNM’s Cradle to Career Policy Institute (CCPI). Currently she is part of CCPI’s early childhood team where she is involved in numerous projects regarding childcare access. She has experience with data analysis and data collection through both interviews and surveys. Darlene’s policy interests are in health equity, education, and immigrants’ rights. Outside of work, Darlene serves on the Board of Directors for MANA de Albuquerque and enjoys spending time with her two Jack Russells. Check out Darlene's policy blog!