Josue De Luna Navarro

Photo: Josue De Luna Navarro

Associate Fellow, The Institute for Policy Studies

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Josue is an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. His interest is in researching and developing solutions on issues regarding the climate crisis, immigration and public health. He also provides climate policy support for the Center for Civic Policy and the coalition of  Power4NM and is the founder of the national UndocuHealth program for United We Dream. His work with United We Dream emphasized the importance of community health within the immigrant justice movement. In New Mexico, Josue is the co-founder of the New Mexico Dream Team (NMDT), the largest statewide undocumented-led organization in NM. With the NMDT, he directed a research study with collaboration with UNM’s TREE Center for Advancing Behavioral Health regarding the health impact of anti-immigrant and racist policies on undocumented youth. Josue holds a B.S. Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.